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Hello Hello

A mobile application concept brand that connects the Deaf community with local restaurants.



My younger brother is fluent in ASL and during his time as a fast food worker, he noticed how awesome Deaf people would feel when he could take their order in sign language. We wondered, how can a software application make that happiness more frequent?


The concept came from the echoed greeting one receives. You say "hello," and I return the favor. Something small that we take for granted, but that the Deaf community doesn't often receive at a restaurant. Hello Hello shows Deaf people if restaurants have ASL fluent employees and when they are working.


Hello Hello's brand identity is rooted in adventure and exploring your own town, made easier by knowing that someone who speaks ASL will be the restaurant you are headed to.

Project Scope

  • Brand Definition
  • Creative Direction
  • Brand Naming
  • Logo Design
  • Style Guide

Brand Naming

Imagine not receiving a return greeting after saying "hello" to someone. Feels terrible, right? The name reflects the concept of someone echoing a greeting in your language, something the Deaf community does not receive often.

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Hello Hello

Brand Identity + Logo Design

Primary Logo

Logo System

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Identity Applications

software illustration and icons
software logo variants
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