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Making pharmaceutical project management software feel less like pharmaceutical project management software.



Marc Nelson, a Marine Corps and pharma industry veteran, has helped over 10 pharmaceutical companies streamline their project management efforts and been part of a massive acquisition. Now, he is making his expertise available at scale through a niche project management software built for drug development teams and needed to build a brand around his users.


During the Definitions workshop we, uncovered a similarity between an adventurous traveller and getting pharma teams from one milestone to the next. They are both on a journey and in need of a direct path toward their destination.


A new name that speaks to the power of this software and an adventurous brand that encourages drug development teams to navigate with confidence.

Project Scope

  • Brand Definition
  • Creative Direction
  • Brand Naming
  • Logo Design
  • Style Guide

Brand Naming

BioPM was the name of Marc's consultancy, but it didn't seem to fit the brand that this software would bolster. We wanted something easily understood and memorable without neglecting the importance of the target user's work. We landed on CurePath as a way to communicate where these drug development teams were headed (to life-changing cures and medicines) and a clear route to get there.


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Brand Identity + Logo Design

Primary Logo

Logo System

CurePath software primary logo
CurePath software secondary logo
CurePath software symbolic logo
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Identity Applications

CurePath Software logo before and after
CurePath Software business card design
CurePath logo on office wall mockup
CurePath Software logo on trade show booth mockup
CurePath Software logo and website mockup
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