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Collective Ventures

Branding a crypto hedge fund with a simple goal: encourage the little guys to win and be benevolent at all costs.



Aaron Malone had already changed the lives of thousands through his work on the Crypto 101 podcast. His next venture would be creating a crypto hedge fund with a benevolent spirit and a brand identity to match.


One of Aaron's favorite fictional characters is Jay Gatsby, known for his good nature and belief in the impossible. When pairing this with the idea of a world changed for the better through crypto, we had a solid concept.


Collective Ventures became a symbol of the city on a hill, shining for all to see. Something the visionaries of the 1920's were focused on achieving. This led to a merge of art deco and 21st century technology style.

Project Scope

  • Brand Definition
  • Creative Direction
  • Logo Design
  • Style Guide

Brand Naming

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Brand Identity + Logo Design

Primary Logo

Logo System

Collective Ventures Fund logo
Collective ventures fund horizontal logo
Collective ventures symbol logo
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Identity Applications

Collective Ventures logo before and after
Collective Ventures logo on dark background
Collective Ventures logo variants
Collective Ventures logo on thumbdrive
Collective ventures logo and poster mockup
Collective ventures logo and business card designs
Collective ventures branding patterns
Collective ventures logo and software branding
Collective ventures branded icons
Collective ventures logo on bottle mockup
Collective ventures logo and symbol variants
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Bring it all together

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"There's nothing cookie-cutter about this process. You'll be very happy with your results."
Aaron "Pizza-Mind" Malone


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