Brumation 2020

Until the time is right again.

November 23, 2020

You probably know where this is going, I'm taking a break from my newsletter until 2021. I'd call it hibernation, but there's a better term that describes what will actually happen: brumation.

It's the reptilian substitute for the warm-blooded's winter slumber. But, unlike hibernation, brumation does not consist of sleep. Instead, the brumating creature sits patiently waiting for things to heat up. They slow-down, certainly, but sleeping? Certainly not.

Why the distinction? Well, I'm still around just not as active. So please, feel free to reach out if you need some design direction, are gearing up for something big in 2021, or are simply looking to connect with another human.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving, a Merry Christmas, and an awesome start to the New Year 🤘😎

- Zach

More you say?

Rebels Are Focused

Key pillar number three.


Be sure to read pillars one and two before diving into this article:

Rebels are Honest

Rebels are Confident

The problem with most companies, especially startups and small businesses is that they cast wide nets. They can't say certain things because it will offend people, and they have to appeal to everyone that walks through their doors regardless of how anomalous. It's in this fallacy of trying to please everyone that rebels gain the upper hand. Rebels are honest, so they know that even if they wanted to, they cannot help out everyone. It's physically impossible. Diving deeper, rebels have the confidence to stand firm and say, "I know that I cannot help everyone, but that's ok because I can help someone."

This gives rebels the opportunity to narrow their focus on a specific group of people with a specific problem. Everything else is a distraction to the mission at hand. You see, to rebels, it is better to have 100 true fans who cannot live without their services, than to have 10,000 fair weather fans that will leave them at the drop of a hat. Focusing on a specific group of people creates a virtuous cycle of respect and care for both the business and the people it seeks to serve. One that can only be achieved by having the courage to say, "this is not for everyone, but it is for someone who believes and needs this."

Rebels are honest.

Rebels are confident.

Rebels are focused.

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Never Miss Twice

When you hit a bump in your routine.


You will not always hit the mark. This happened today with my morning routine. Didn't feel too well, slept in. Phone starts blowing up with messages from family, friends, and clients. Not my ideal start to the morning.

Now, I can dwell on that mishap, which was my fault, or accept that I missed. Missing is part of the game. What I will not accept is missing tomorrow as well.

Be it a morning routine, a sport, or even building up your brand, promise yourself "never miss twice."

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