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Applying those foundations to tangible assets and new areas your brand is headed. This includes things like collateral design and sub brand creation.

What's the point?

Alright, you've built this awesome brand identity, now what? Get busy sharing it with the world and applying it to everything your brand touches. With everything looking uniform and awesome, there will be no visible difference between you and Fortune 500 companies.


Step by step

Step 1: Start a Project

Before we engage in a project, we need to find out if we are a good fit and if I am capable of solving your problem. This is done via Zoom or phone call and can be started by emailing me or filling out my contact form to get the ball rolling.

Step 2: Brand Definition

During the Brand Definition workshop, we will define your brand. This is the bedrock of the design decisions we will make when building out your visual identity and it is how we will make sure we are aligned before we start making stuff.

Step 3: Brand Foundation

The Brand Foundation gives us the visual tools and assets we will need to make everything your brand touches look uniform and legit. Including logo design, typography, color palette, graphic elements, and photo styling.

Step 4: Design Audit

Once we've got our feet planted on a solid visual identity, it's time to take stock of everything your brand has created, assess what can be salvaged, what needs to go, and what needs to be refined. Nothing is off limits, we will look at your marketing, your website, and your product. Once we've got our list of items ready, we will prioritize them based on impact, ease of accomplishment, and timeline.

Step 5: Custom Proposal

Since this list of design deliverables will vary between clients, I will discuss options with you and give you a one-of-a-kind, three-tiered proposal with fixed prices. You decide which one will be the most appropriate and then we start jamming.

Step 6: Execute

Now we are in business. We will check-in once a week via Zoom until the deliverables are finished.

Step 7: Advisory

If you want me to stick around, give feedback on new brand initiatives, review design work, and hedge against branding mistakes, you can lock in one of my three advisory slots to get continued access to me.

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Start Now

How I work:

Showing the Ugly

Rather than doing a dog-and-pony show to try and sell you on the work we create, my process is based on conversations that lead us to good ideas. I will show you the behind the scenes and we will sort through the ugly ideas together until we hit the mark.

Fixed Prices

Once I put on a price on paper (or the internet), I do not change it. No unexpected billable hours, no change orders, just fixed prices for clearly defined work and results. This helps your company know how much you will spend instead of guessing and suffering for it later.

Project Slots

Most designers open themselves up to as many projects as possible. This leads to two paths: they either farm the work to juniors or the quality diminishes because they work too much. I only take on three projects at a time to avoid those both of these problems.

got questions? Get answers

This is a list of commonly asked questions I've heard over the years. If there's something I missed,

Do you only work with SaaS brands?


I'll phrase it like this: if I had two projects to choose from and one was a software brand, I'd pick that one.

But, I'm never going to turn away a good client or an opportunity to make a kickass brand 🤘

Couldn’t I just hire a full-time designer?

Yes, you could, but you wouldn’t be here looking if that was the easy option 😉. Senior Designers are expensive (over $100,000 per year plus benefits) and you have to keep them busy to make it worthwhile.

Packages and subscriptions are less of an investment and offer you more flexibility.

How is this different from other design subscriptions?

One word: exclusivity.

Unlike other design subscriptions, my threshold is three clients max. This allows me to be fully invested in each project, solve bigger problems, and offer new ideas that move your business forward. 

Also, I don’t have an aversion to creative workshops or meeting with my clients once a week. Partnership and innovation are built on those interactions.

Are the subscriptions really unlimited design tasks?

Yes. They are delivered one-by-one.

How do I know I’ll be happy with the project?

We work on a project until we are stoked and it accomplishes the goals we’ve assigned to it.

How do I know which package or subscription is right for me?

Give me a call and I’ll help you figure that out.

What are the payment terms for design packages?

Fixed scope projects are billed 50% at start, 50% upon delivery or payments in equal thirds if above $50k. This excludes consultation engagements like and 1-on-1 calls which are billed upfront.

Payment plans, lease agreements, and equity/profit sharing are also available for special cases.

What are the payment terms for design subscriptions?

Monthly subscriptions are billed at the beginning of every month. You can save some dough by locking in a quarterly or yearly payment.

We’re not in the same city, is that an issue?

Nope. I’ve been doing remote work since before we all wish we'd invested in Zoom’s stock. 

Nice words from cool people

"I have hired Zach on several occasions to tackle high-stakes & complex products/branding projects and he has delivered beautiful solutions every single time."

Luis Cortes

Creative Director and Branding Specialist

"He is a graphic designer who actually gets branding and how it is connected to customers and revenue... something a lot of designers never get."

Bern Schroeder

Founder, CKS Partners

"I've learned so much from Zach just by his process. His brand identity engagements are detailed with competitive insights to guide his approach."

Madisyn Taylor

CEO, SEO Direct

"Zach stepped in to help us on a time-sensitive project where we’d be let down by another Webflow developer."

Dan Tyler

Founder, Vism

"There's nothing cookie-cutter about this process. You'll be very happy with your results."

Aaron "Pizza-Mind" Malone

Founder, Collective Ventures

"He is creative, highly intellectual, and an all-around great dude!"

Emmett Cahill

Agent, QFC Real Estate

"He was totally right! Not only did he build the site wickedly fast, but he also ensured I, as the client, was well-trained and acclimated to the new design before we launched."

Alexa-Rae Navarro

Executive Director, Startup San Diego

"He's extremely professional, organized, detailed, and his vision/work is incredible."

Kevin Stanley

Founder, Crypto 101

"Zach’s wealth of knowledge and expertise helped guide me through the discovery process and establish a new brand name within only two weeks!"

Ryan Cliff

Founder, the Network

"Don’t overlook this guy, he’s very talented and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone needing branding or website work."

Devin Weik

Founder, Maple Blue

"Zach has an effective method through which he was able to learn and understand my needs, probably better than I did at times! I was constantly impressed with his creativity."

Maria Halkiadakis

Founder, Apsi Nutrition

"Zach's professionalism is outmatched only by his positive spirit, as he is also a fun guy to be around."

Matt Vande Vegte

Founder, FTF Warrior

"Zach's ability to evoke our company's essence and portray it across all of our marketing materials was a unique experience I have not had with other agencies."

Alex Kamergorodsky

Founder, DragonGlass

“Zach has been an integral tool in helping us navigate our brand identity.”

Lance Sherwood

Founder, Communion

"The greatest value he has brought is being able to take marketing-oriented projects such as logo, print work and website development, and align them perfectly with our overall branding strategy.""

Alex Kozij

Founder, Bright Ideas SCS

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